Product Training

Delight customers with outstanding products by leveraging valuable principles and practices.

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What are your customer's unmet needs, what is your product roadmap and how could evidence-based approaches help you make better product decisions? Our product training answers those questions and more.

Please explore our product offerings below and talk with us about how we might customize our training to best meet your needs.

"I come away from this workshop having learned a great deal about the process and equally about many strategies and nuances of facilitating it. Invaluable! Industrial Logic's instructor clearly has extensive experience with product discovery. His ability to quickly relate to the product and team members, and to focus on the specific details for the decomposition of this product at the various levels (goals/roles, activities, tasks), is remarkable." Doug Brophy, Agile Expert, GE Energy

Virtual and Onsite Workshops

Product Discovery and Strategy

Learn key concepts and rigorous product practices, participate in hands-on activities to identify real customers and their unmet needs, refine product ideas, and co-create a meaningful strategy that provides purpose, focus and alignment for an entire organization.

Product Roadmapping and Prioritization

Learn key concepts and practice hands-on techniques for flow-based product roadmapping, address architectural improvements, mitigate risks, use economical prioritization over cost of delay approach and gather meaningful metrics that enable organization to achieve business outcomes

Sustainable Product Delivery Workshop

In this workshop you’ll learn how to create a shared understanding of customer and business goals, get fast feedback on ideas, know when things will be ready, and keep the product flexible and maintainable over its useful lifetime.

Product Excellence Workshop

How do you synthesize customer and stakeholder feedback, balance your portfolio and product roadmap, and reliably get work done? The Product Excellence Workshop bridges Design Thinking with Modern Agility and Lean. Come experience the joy of product excellence!


Composing User Stories

This album starts by looking at the concept of systems and how an external perspective helps create the best stories. You'll learn the Role-Action-Context template, ten criteria for effective stories, and ideas for kick-starting story-writing when you feel stuck. You'll explore a variety of ways to split and simplify stories to help you ensure that your release is as valuable as it can be. You'll get a job aid to remind you of the key ways to split stories.

Behavior Driven Development Box Set

Master collaborative Behavior-Driven Development; the art and craft of test-driving your requirements. You will learn to write effective scenarios with the Gherkin language and how to automate those scenarios to drive new feature development while creating a safety net of regression tests.

Specifying Scenarios Safely

Specifying Scenarios Safely teaches you how to use Behavior-Driven Development to improve your software development capability: You will see how collaboration is the keystone practice that helps you explore and document the most important scenarios for your system.'

Automating Scenarios Safely

Automating Scenarios Safely builds on Specifying Scenarios Safely, and teaches you how to take scenarios you have collaborated on and convert them into executable tests for greenfield or legacy systems.