Tara Swanson

Senior Product Consultant

Minneapolis, MN - USA

Tara Swanson is an agile coach and organizational behavior coach who has worked for over a decade with teams, leaders and organizations of all shapes and sizes. She is passionate about helping individuals collaboratively invest in a psychologically safe culture that allows them to thrive, innovate and pour their authentic selves into the products they create for others.

Prior to the tech industry, Tara spent 10 years in healthcare, working both within clinic management and program management at mental health and data-based research organizations, honing her skills around building healthy teams and designing digestible data for patients. She pivoted into the software development world in 2013, mentoring with David Hussman at DevJam, learning the ins and outs of pragmatic agility practices, and understanding the art of progress over process.

Tara is passionate about how to intentionally build intuitive products within healthy cultures by educating executives and teams on how to invest in ecosystems that focus on a “human first” approach to people and to product. Tara has a dynamic range of experience from managing engineers and product managers to coaching across organizations. From working with support teams to C-suite, she has conducted workshops and classes around user research, product discovery, and how to sustain healthy organizations for humans in technology. She has worked with Intel, Disney, Best Buy, Target, and CH Robinson, as well as smaller organizations that are local to the Twin Cities.

Tara believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion need to be at the forefront of conversations around building dynamic teams. She is a member of Geekettes Twin Cities and has spoken at events such as Minnesota High Tech Association, That Agile Guy podcast and Minnestar AMA panels. She has written blogs as a guest on coaching sites such as Keystone International and is actively writing on Medium.

Tara lives in Minneapolis with her partner and their pug named Penny. She loves running and cycling and the Golden Girls. She reads as much history as she can get her hands on and loves hiking all over the country.

Tara Swanson