Discover areas for improvement by understanding what’s working and what needs work.

It's hard to improve if you're shooting blind.

To accelerate delivery of valuable products, you need to know where you stand. Our assessments can help.

Our coaches meet with your management and staff to discover what is working well, what needs to change and how best to begin improving.

How It Works

During the assessment, our coaches perform individual and group interviews with key players across the value stream, share knowledge about modern practices and ultimately provide an assessment report for management.

Participation: Successful assessments invite active participation from those who will experience change. We give your staff (including leaders, internal customers, sales & marketing, operations, engineering, product management, etc.) a safe place to share their thoughts on what’s working, what needs work and what improvements they will support.

Guidance: We’ve performed hundreds of assessments across many industries around the globe. Our experience has helped us see patterns, common problems and solutions in teamwork, workflow, organization design and product strategy. Our guidance can help you plan what and how to change, even in the most challenging environments.

Report: At the end of an assessment, we share an assessment report, with 2-3 ways to move forward, including a do-it-yourself option. Common goals include improving product discovery, decreasing cycle time, increasing quality and forming cross-functional teams.