Jessica McCay

Software Developer

Missoula, MT - USA

Jessica McCay is a software engineer from Arlee, Montana. She attended a Web Development boot camp in San Diego, CA named Learn Academy and took with her new skills in HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, SQL, and Ruby on Rails. Jessica’s path led her into mobile development where she learned technologies such as C#, .NET, and Xamarin.

Jessica developed a deep passion for the programming world. After finishing up her boot camp and an internship at ThoughtSTEM, she organized a team of developers that refer to themselves as ‘MPS Devs’; MPS being the initials of the team member’s last names. MPS loosely followed the Agile Methodology. They learned about the agile workflow from Learn Academy and also from a wonderful workshop on mob programming. Shortly after, the team adopted mob programming into their work. Jessica believes in the power of collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

With her passion fueling her work, Jessica landed a coveted internship at Hunter Industries. At Hunter, she learned more about mob programming and about agile. In just a few short months she helped to develop an impressive cross-platform companion app for one of Hunter’s existing desktop apps.

Jessica’s current engagement is with Ford Motor Company. She worked on one of their legacy applications that is used to transform data into one globally recognized format. This global order bank is ultimately referred to as the source of truth for vehicle data around the world. Jessica’s work was part of Ford’s Fitness initiative, the ambitious goal of bringing vehicles’ order to delivery time down from over 70 days to the 30-day range. Jessica’s contributions to this project assisted in reaching that goal for the first targeted vehicle. Most recently, she has joined one of Ford’s mobile teams, Loyalty. She is developing new capabilities for the popular Ford Pass application. Jessica enjoys leading kanban stand-up’s and teaching the team how to use mob programming to ramp up learning. Jessica leads by example when it comes to TDD and refactoring, two things she enjoys very much as a programmer.

Born in Ireland to an Irish father and an American mother, Jessica first came to America when she was just 3 months old. She recently had a child of her own, making this programmer one happy momma. When Jessica is not programming or reading about programming, she enjoys spending her days with her husband, son, and two step sons near their home in Dearborn, MI.

Jessica McCay