Wyatt Sutherland

Senior Consultant

Viroqua, WI - USA

Wyatt has over twenty years of experience in IT, architecting and implementing leading-edge technologies and performance improvement process methodologies.

In 2000, after reading Kent Beck’s book “eXtreme Programming eXplained”, Wyatt began applying the XP practices to a single project then quickly began including the practices to other critical projects within the company. While there was a learning curve and bumps along the way, the end result on all accounts was nothing short of stellar. Wyatt then jumped into the Agile community contributing posts, becoming an Agile leader in the Chicago area software developers community and presenting Agility to Chicago area companies.

Over the last eighteen years Wyatt has provided a mix of technical and managerial experiences, hands-on coaching to management, product managers/owners, analysts, architects, developers, testers, designers, Scrum Masters, coaches and other Agile practitioners. Wyatt has assisted numerous organizations transform to sustainable Agile such as Nokia, Walgreens, Bank of America, Noggin/Nickelodeon, Cisco, John Deere, Ford and others.

Wyatt is extremely passionate about Agility and team dynamics beyond product development, in that each Saturday morning he teaches continuous improvement techniques and ways to experiment and learn rapidly to young musicians ages 13-18, in a conductor-less chamber orchestra.

Wyatt lives on a 100-acre ridge-top farm in the driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin where he practices rotational grazing of Angus cattle.

Wyatt Sutherland