IL Bootcamp

IL Bootcamp

What's it like to work within a team doing genuine agile planning, programming and delivery? Our IL Bootcamp has the answer: a 4-week intensive course, taught by a senior Industrial Logic instructor, for up to 12 students working 4-day weeks.

The Bootcamp gives developers an opportunity to learn and apply agile principles and practices while incrementally testing, building and continuously deploying a real project.

We'll know if the Bootcamp was a success if we hear some version of the following from students: “I experienced being an active member of an agile team. I don’t know everything about each topic, but I understand why we do things a certain way, e.g., why Test-Driven Development. If a team wants to move to this approach, I can help make it happen.”

"Good balance of theory and hands on experience." Cloud Software Engineer, Schlumberger

Workshop Editions

One lead instructor shepherds each IL Bootcamp cohort through the 4-week intensive program, which is customized to match your tech stack and tools.
  • Introduction & Working Agreements
  • Forming Teams
  • Gathering Requirements, User Stories and Planning
  • Lean Startup - Testing Hypotheses, Deliver Value Continuously
  • Environment Setup (Tools, Version Control, Continuous Integration & Deployment)
  • Chartering the Work
  • Evolutionary Design
  • Creating A Walking Skeleton
  • Refactoring
  • Complete Walking Skeleton
  • Splitting Stories, Identifying the Next Story
  • Microtesting
  • Implementing the Second Story
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Code & Test Review
  • Faking & Mocking
  • More Evolutionary Design
  • Feedback from Users
  • Plan Work for Week 3
  • Team Continues Planning and Development
  • Reprioritizing on the Fly
  • Continued TDD and Refactoring Practice
  • Focus on Student Progress & Challenges
  • Code Smells
  • Integration Testing
  • Continued Development, Review & Refactoring
  • Review of Work By Users

What Will You Learn?


Extreme Programming skills: testing, refactoring, and Test-Driven-Development


Teamwork: how to help others apply habits and skills to engender technical excellence.


Incrementally transform complex code into simple, readable, well-tested code.


Technical Safety: create and apply mechanisms that keep an error from creating a crisis.


Psychological safety: recognize gaps, recover from conflict, and repair trust.


Continuous Learning: ways to weave learning new skills and new techniques into the fabric of daily work.

Target Audience

Industrial Logic will work with the leadership team to define a canned project within its business domain, which will be used by every instance of the bootcamp.

Learners have coding experience in the programming languages of the target project.

Learners are familiar with the underlying cloud architecture( e.g.: did a tutorial setting up a simple app with a database and calling JSON APIs).

Learners understand OO fundamentals (they complete the required self-assessment and go through the IL's eLearning if necessary).

Learners have all required development tools on their SLB-provided laptops.

Shared staging and production environments are set up with all necessary tools and support personnel are available to assist with any issues.



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