Merlijn Tishauser

Senior Consultant

Amsterdam, NH - The Netherlands

Merlijn Tishauser is a technical coach with a strong background in both development as operations before something like DevOps was coined. His IT career started as being a one-man-IT-department. A passion for both quality and simplicity has shaped his career, guiding him through developer, management and consultant experiences towards the point where he is now, really enjoying bringing teams forward and practicing agile and XP techniques.

Merlijn learned about agile at a conference in 2009. Returning fully energized on Monday after the conference, he quickly realized that doing standups is less useful being all alone. What he already did and continued doing was automating tests, building CI/CD pipelines with Hudson, practicing on TDD, and searching for ways to shorten feedback cycles. In 2011, he finally created an AWS account and played around with discovering cloud native services and configuration management tools like Puppet.

Over the last 7 years, Merlijn went from a developer to technical lead and developer manager to a technical coach, and was lucky enough to became part of a high performing XP team. Visiting conferences, reading books and meeting people kept on feeding his appetite for continuous learning. His journey allowed him to help companies such as Royal Flora Holland, NN Insurance company, Cofidis bank in Lisbon, Portugal and credit card companies like ICS (subsidiary of ABN-AMRO) as a consultant and technical coach, primarily focused on applying CI/CD practices and improving engineering culture. His strong experience in operations, and at the same time being a capable developer, helped with cloud migrations with a focus on automating deployments and infrastructure as code.

As a trainer and technical coach, he really enjoys working with both groups and individuals, teaching them how to improve or even take the first steps into software development. One of Merlijn’s success stories is training and coaching a group of business analysts, teaching them to write “hello world” in Python, TDD, and testing principles. That same team was deploying microservices with cd pipelines to a public cloud hosted Kubernetes platform 6 months later.

Living in The Netherlands with his wife and two kids, Merlijn really enjoys living close to a major (at least for Dutch standards) city, Amsterdam. Close enough to experience an urban life, while living in a small village. He loves cycling (both on his racing and mountain bikes, as well as indoors using Zwift) and being outdoors.

Merlijn Tishauser