Ingmar van Dijk

European Lead & Senior Coach

Ingmar is a programmer, trainer, team builder, inspirer and Senior Coach for Industrial Logic. His passions include technical practices like Test-Driven Development and Refactoring. Ingmar has successfully introduced these techniques in a wide variety of projects from embedded applications to web services. Some of the applications include media players for DVB-T mobile phones, an encrypted biometrics platform, digital rights management systems, real-time video editing software, and class 2 medical devices like heart rate and bio impedance monitors. Ingmar regularly gives talks on Agile at companies as well as educational institutions. He is a big fan and contributor for the European XP20xx conferences and XP Days. He holds a Master of Computer Science from Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Previously, Ingmar worked for Phillips Research as a software engineer and team leader. During his eight-year tenure, he also acted as a quality assurance officer in the research laboratories. Ingmar helped teams increase product quality and productivity by introducing them to, or improving, their agile practices. For most of his career, Ingmar has been a practitioner of XP@Scrum. In the past 6 years, he has been teaching XP workshops to developers that are new to XP as well as experienced agilists. Next to being fluent in the family of C languages (ANSI-C, C++ and C#), Ingmar also speaks Java as well as several scripted languages. He has experience in applying TDD, Refactoring and Continuous integration in Linux as well as MS-Windows environments. Ingmar lives in Eindhoven Area, Netherlands. In his spare time, Ingmar is a sports fanatic who loves to run, mountain bike and play golf. He also loves to play the piano.